Marcus Garcia – Striking The Perfect Chord! Part II

Hubert Keller, a native of France’s breathtaking, eastern-Alsace region, caught the attention of some of the country’s finest chefs at just sixteen. Towering, innovative culinary artisans like Paul Haeberlin, Gaston Lenôtre, Paul Bocuse and Roger Vergé recognized his promise early on, training him in their kitchens and nurturing his talent. When chef Keller and wife Chantal moved to San Francisco in 1982 to open […]

Christian Moueix – A Tale of Two Terroirs

It is quite possible that, more than any other profession, the wine industry, whose tireless emissaries passionately extoll the virtues of the vine – the irresistibly engaging history of which speaks to the creativity of the human spirit and its relationship to the natural world – is disproportionately populated with eminent storytellers whose tales have often been forged […]

The (Golden) State of Pinot Gris!

Alsace, and its eastern neighbor Germany, harvest many classic grape varieties that have left an indelible mark on many of the planet’s other great wine regions. And so it is, along one of the more rugged and majestic landscapes to be found in the world, where great stands of gigantic, ancient redwoods hug the spectacular […]