The Power of Pinot Noir

While California has built it’s reputation on king Cabernet (think Sauvignon) and continues its perpetual love affair with the world’s most feted, golden grape Chardonnay, its viticultural landscape of the last few years has witnessed a burst of diversity. Today, as the region’s body of wine artisans continues to build world-class domains producing bottlings across a […]

There’s No Place Like Beaune

Boris Champy is a soft-spoken winemaker whose focused demeanor speaks of a passion motivated by a singular objective – to seize each opportunity and create world-class wines . He currently directs a team of like-minded individuals at one of Burgundy’s most prestigious domains – the house of Louis Latour. I spoke with him in late March about his career in the industry. (This is […]


Gently release the caged cork from a bottle of meticulously crafted, elegantly finessed sparkling wine, fill your glass and stare intently into its spectacle of mesmerizing effervescence. As the first sip dances across your palate the latitudinal coordinates you occupy in the world emit a radiance that, for a fleeting moment, put you in control of […]