Gently release the caged cork from a bottle of meticulously crafted, elegantly finessed sparkling wine, fill your glass and stare intently into its spectacle of mesmerizing effervescence. As the first sip dances across your palate the latitudinal coordinates you occupy in the world emit a radiance that, for a fleeting moment, put you in control of the universe!

And, while brilliant bottles of gaseous elixirs strong on pedigree and of immense personality are crafted in many spots on the globe, for untold legions of lovers of seductive, bubble-laden wines only those from the highly expressive vines rooted in the chalky cliffs of northern France’s Champagne region hold the keys to the kingdom!

Within this compelling framework, houses both large and small consistently produce cuvées that enchant and often enlighten.

The champenois domain of  R. Pouillon & Fils in the current feature of Love The Wine You’re With  underscores the passionate commitment to quality of the many smaller, grower-producers to be found in Champagne.


Slave to the grape – worse fates there have been!

© Mick Cameron 2013

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