The Scribe – Giving Wine A Voice


The Scribe is packed with in-depth articles that take you on a remarkable, vinous journey filled with history, geography, intrigue and of course all the grape varieties, laws and winemaking components that make each region unique!

Click on each title below to be transported to those places your love of the grape compels you to go.


One Closing Thought Vine
Phylloxera – The Louse that Crashed the Party!
The phylloxera, a true gourmet, finds out the ...
The Verse of the Vine Vine
The Golden Rules! Eleanor of Aquitaine, queen consort of Henry I...
Roussillon – How Sweet It Is! Roussillon
Stags Leap District Shows its Colors English: Sailing to California for the Califor...
It takes a Forest!
All You Need is Love – and Bubbles! Image via Wikipedia
A Brilliant New Year!
The Republic of Venice – part two.
The Republic of Venice – part one.
Beaujolais beyond nouveau!
Franciacorta – bellissima! A bottle displaying the Franciacorta DOCG logo...
The Art of Observation Wine Not...
Madeira, Wine for the Ages – part two.
Madeira, Wine for the Ages – part one.
Water into Wine
Gay Paris!
Calvados – of apples, not oranges!
Confit and Cassoulet
Sonoma Shines!
The End of The World!
SugarLoaf Ridge – Dining with the stars
King of Spain
Grilled Sardines

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