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Currently featured on SlaveToTheGrape  from the French wine press: In the News – The numbers don’t lie: with two short harvests in a row, French producers from Bordeaux to Burgundy and beyond are witnessing a significant spike in prices that reflects the disconcerting yet inexorable realities of supply and demand.  A La Une  (news en français) – The historical, sweet, dessert […]

Vine Buzz

  Currently featured on SlaveToTheGrape  from the French wine press: In the News – For dessert-wine lovers, nothing seduces quite like the golden, sticky elixirs from the Bordeaux district of Sauternes. The landscape in this coveted wine region continues to shift in ways that may soon change the face of the appellation forever!  A La Une  (news en français) – […]

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Currently featured on SlaveToTheGrape  from the French wine press: In the News – In late November, when the world is dancing gaily in the streets with a glass of Beaujolais Nouveau in hand, the reverberations of an historic gavel announce one of the premiere events in the world of wine  – the charity auction of the Hospices de […]

Christian Moueix – A Tale of Two Terroirs – Encore!

It is quite possible that, more than any other profession, the wine industry, whose faithful emissaries passionately extoll the virtues of the irresistibly engaging, historical footprint of the vine that speaks to the essence of the human spirit and its relationship to the natural world, is disproportionately layered with eminent storytellers whose tales have often been […]

Saint-Emilion – The Right Bank Revisited

This summer I revisited a truly delightful vintage from Bordeaux’s library of compelling harvests. While somewhat eclipsed in stature by that of 1982 – a storied crop that put Robert Parker on the wine lover’s vinous map – the 1983 vintage offered a truly compelling experience with great potential for longevity that was on display […]

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A dispatch from the south of France Currently featured on SlaveToTheGrape  from the French wine press: In the News – After a very wet and challenging first half of the year, wine professionals from Bordeaux to Bourgogne are guardedly optimistic about the quality of the harvest for 2013.  A La Une  (news en français) – No sooner had the weather […]

Vine Buzz

Currently featured on SlaveToTheGrape  from the French wine press: In the News – take a peek at the new, world-class wine palace coming soon to the city of Bordeaux;  A La Une (news en français) – check out what the dames du vin have to say when L’Express magazine goes straight to the source for interviews with three, […]

The Northern Tier

California’s northwest, with its majestic redwoods, breathtaking coastline and distance from any real population centers nurtures a hearty, self-sufficient individual some of whose forebears, centered around the Mendocino county town of Boonville, even spoke their own, nationally-recognized, linguistic jargon known as Boontling. Vines have been cultivated here since the mid-19th century, yet the great expansion of quality […]

The Heart of Burgundy

Boris Champy is a soft-spoken winemaker whose focused demeanor speaks of a passion motivated by a singular objective – to seize each opportunity and create world-class wines . He currently directs a team of like-minded individuals at one of Burgundy’s most prestigious domains – the house of Louis Latour. I spoke with him in late March about his career in […]

Phylloxera – The Louse that Crashed the Party!

The December 4th, 1863 issue of the British publication, Journal of the Society of Arts, reported that while the quality of the wines from the European continent were of a lesser stature than those of the impressive 1862 vintage, there were nonetheless, as with the reds of Burgundy, a handful of districts that produced wines […]