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Currently featured on SlaveToTheGrape  from the French wine press:

IMG_1068In the News – For dessert-wine lovers, nothing seduces quite like the golden, sticky elixirs from the Bordeaux district of Sauternes. The landscape in this coveted wine region continues to shift in ways that may soon change the face of the appellation forever!

 A La Une  (news en français) – If you have not yet lost yourself in Peter Mayle’s brilliantly written novella – A Year in Provence, wait no more! This charming tale of Anglo exigencies colliding with southern French repos make for a hilarious and heartwarming récit. The mayor of Ménerbes, Yves Rousset-Rouard, one of the lovely villages in Mayle’s book, has elevated the district’s formerly adequate and honest wine efforts to the exceptional.


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