Marcus Garcia – Striking The Perfect Chord! Part II

Hubert Keller, a native of France’s breathtaking, eastern-Alsace region, caught the attention of some of the country’s finest chefs at just sixteen. Towering, innovative culinary artisans like Paul Haeberlin, Gaston Lenôtre, Paul Bocuse and Roger Vergé recognized his promise early on, training him in their kitchens and nurturing his talent. When chef Keller and wife Chantal moved to San Francisco in 1982 to open […]

Evan Goldstein – Square Roots, Full Circle – Take Two!

The spectrum of  wine personalities in the United States encompasses some of the most passionate and deeply knowledgeable individuals to be found in any profession. From compelling wine writers to high-profile sommeliers,  from visionary importers to devoted wine cellar advisors, from tireless brand ambassadors to wholesale agents and to those who provide the tools and messaging for […]

Chile Turns A New Leaf!

These are exciting times for the Chilean wine industry. A new landscape is emerging. Young, (at times) European-trained wine makers are shaking up convention. Laws are being rebooted to further delineate wine zones, to lend clarity and focus. Chile is poised to redefine its place on the global wine stage. At the recent Wines of […]