SlaveToTheGrape In Motion

June, the first act of a familiar estival trilogy, at times seems solely to exist as a place holder – one designed to energize an eager audience patiently anticipating the excitement and invigorating heat of yet another summer. Minds begin to fill with fanciful thoughts of leisure in exotic places – of white, sandy beaches, mountain […]

Phylloxera – The Louse that Crashed the Party!

The December 4th, 1863 issue of the British publication, Journal of the Society of Arts, reported that while the quality of the wines from the European continent were of a lesser stature than those of the impressive 1862 vintage, there were nonetheless, as with the reds of Burgundy, a handful of districts that produced wines […]

Roussillon – How Sweet It Is!

“Wine is a book that speaks to the history of a region – to its past and present as well as to its ties to the joys and sorrows of the people with which its shares a common heritage. You have to get to know it. But in order to do so you must listen […]