SlaveToTheGrape In Motion

Yellow beach umbrella in the summer sun.

Sizzling, summer sun!
(photo credit: Wikipedia)

June, the first act of a familiar estival trilogy, at times seems solely to exist as a place holder – one designed to energize an eager audience patiently anticipating the excitement and invigorating heat of yet another summer.

Minds begin to fill with fanciful thoughts of leisure in exotic places – of white, sandy beaches, mountain biking, scuba diving, back country hikes, surfing, Italy, Spain, France and beyond. Grills laden with enticingly marinated, omnivorous delights offered up with wines of both evident character and bold expression once again become tangible realities.

As we barrel headlong into July, I am acutely reminded that June was unequivocally frenetic! SlaveToTheGrape has been publicly discreet throughout the month save for an insightful interview with one of the city’s great wine directors, Gianpaolo Paterlini of Acquerello.

This though has been the price of a much more significant and comprehensive presence finding its form – one that is set to roll out in little more than a week when STTG launches a full website packed with more top-shelf interviews, incisive wine reviews, breaking wine news, consumer wine tastings, seminars and much more!

So, thanks for your patience and stay tuned for some major STTG movement coming soon to a screen near you.


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