A Brilliant New Year!

To all my loyal readers I extend my hope that this year is one of amazing discovery, meaningful relationships, passionate undertakings, immeasurable happiness and countless whimsical episodes filled with resounding laughter!

I will continue to delve ever deeper into the always fascinating, often breathtaking universe of wine (and occasionally its kindred spirits – see Calvados, of Apples not Oranges) by way of the history, art, geography, geology and masterful confection of this most enticing of elixirs. I trust that on this journey you will be my faithful travel companions.

In 2012, Slave To The Grape will expand its reach with compelling video posts, unique internet-driven consumer education tools, more rich, thought-provoking, vine-inspired content and an ever-greater social media presence around the budding, passionate wine community that is you.

I have launched a Facebook brand page that needs to be loved (well, just go and Like it when you get a second s’il vous plaît). And as always, you can share any of your favorite posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ by clicking on these buttons at the bottom of the articles that most speak to you and your entourage. The cliché begs repeating: without you, the reader, none of this would be possible!

Finally, if the predictions hold true and the world does go down in flames sometime this year I promise – before having precipitously uncorked and frenetically consumed my entire wine collection – to put up one last (at least semi-coherent) post. I know that I will feel an acute need to register my impressions as to which of these wines was the best pairing with the planet’s demise. Where you can purchase it retail will of course be moot!


Slave to the grape – worse fates there have been!

© Mick Cameron 2012


  1. Thanks Mick. All our love and best wishes to you and the family. Please don’t down your entire collection without first consulting me. I want to be there, drunk with you in wine and conversation when the world goes to pot…

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