October 14th, 2012 

Vineyards in the French wine region of Sancerr...

Vineyards in the French wine region of Sancerre.

The Loire river flows almost 700 miles across some of the most productive vineyard lands in all of France.

Its fabled chateaux have inspired painters, writers and poets and remain the enduring symbols of the opulent lifestyles and raw power of successive French kings and queens.

Its wines, celebrated for hundreds of years, range from crisp, mouth-watering dry whites to soft, fruity reds and rosés, from delightfully charming sparklers to hedonistic white dessert wines that are often stunning!

Few regions in France match the depth and versatility of the wines of this historic, world-class wine-making region.

The sheer pleasure of a walk through what the French call, Le Jardin (garden) de la France will make this an evening of pure enjoyment!

Session cost – $55

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