Confit and Cassoulet

Tucked away in the southwest corner of France 250 kilometers north of the Spanish border and with the great and historic wine-trading port of Bordeaux to the west is the stunning city of Albi (recently added to the UNESCO register of world heritage sites), the cradle of the heretical Cathars and one of the oldest wine-producing […]

The End of the World!

Sometimes the most amazing pearls of innocent reflection are offered up by the least-jaded to walk among us – the children! Often their curiosity is prefaced by nothing more than, “hey, you know what?” or, “did you ever wonder if ..?” My 11-year old son recently advanced a wonderfully-simple and deeply thought-provoking query of his […]

SugarLoaf Ridge – Dining with the stars

Dusting off the propane lamps and heading for the great outdoors is a time-honored ritual of summer for many Americans. The draw of our cherished state and national parks is primal and the camping tradition touches us in a visceral way. Pitch a tent, stoke a roaring fire and you’re reminded of how critical it is […]

King of Spain

As a matter of state, it is an undisputed fact that King Juan Carlos 1st (baptized Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Siciliasis) is the crowned head of Spain. As a matter of the vine, the undisputed king of Spain is Garnacha! Spreading far and wide across the Iberian peninsula and pushing […]